A Blog dedicated to the Wines from the ancient land of the Magyar, which wine tradition goes back century in history. Forgotten by most but not everyone.

I will review wines, visit cellars and festival all over the country…
…and remember: it’s not all about Tokaj!


I started my carrier in Hospitaly back in Italy with one of the most famous chefs, the father of Italian Nouvelle cousine Gualtiero Marchesi in his restaurant in Milano “Il Marchesino” just next to the prestigious theatre La Scala. There I found my passion for wine thanks to my Maitre ‘D and Head Sommelier Alessandro Giaveri which introduced me and passed over his passion for wine.
After almost 2 years I went”La Taverna del Sacripante”, a smaller reality where top quality products and fine cuisine were the keyword. I worked side by side with Simone Suardi, head chef and owner, developing my skills both of service on the floor and customer care as well as learning more about the moltitude of small wine realities around Italy.
I moved in London in 2013 and with enough luck I started working in one of the best private members club “The Arts Club” where with Wine, Sweat and Tears I finally became a Sommelier achieving the 3rd level of the WSET under the guidance and constant support of my head Sommeliers Athila Roos and Andrea Santangelo. With the amazing wine list there I expanded my knowledge and improved my palate tasting wines from all over the world from the famous and well known brand to the small and unknown little producers.
In the Summer of 2016 I moved to Hungary with my little son and here I am eager to taste and discover as many wines and wineries as possible to fill up this blog and hopefully increase the internet for this country’s most amazing grape nectar.

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